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Neurofeedback Epilepsy Treatment Perth

epAlmost 800,000 people in Australia will receive a diagnosis of epilepsy at some time in their lives. For an estimated one third of patients, medication is ineffective, or causes side effects with a big impact on quality of life. Epilepsy treatment Perth uses a different approach, Neurofeedback – a non-invasive, painless therapy that can reduce the number or severity of seizures.

Find out more about Neurofeedback as an epilepsy treatment option. Learn what it can offer you or a family member affected by this condition. Call the Perth Brain Centre to arrange an appointment on (08) 6500 3277 today.

What is Epilepsy?

  • According to the World Health Authority, epilepsy is the single, most common severe brain disorder.
  • It is not a mental health problem, but a physical problem with the functioning of the brain’s electrical impulses.
  • About 25,000 new cases are diagnosed in Australia each year and approximately 250,000 Australians are thought to be living with epilepsy – the global figure is an estimated 50 million people affected by the condition.
  • There are about forty different types of epilepsy, not all of which involve convulsions.
  • Medication is effective in around 70{c8a638b1e7709e6694e28f267820d53a0efdb8b78b20236c90a8c073c646f8af} of cases. A small percentage of people affected are treated with surgery.
  • Although some people ‘outgrow’ their epilepsy or experience remission of their symptoms, this condition has a big effect on the lives of those affected with social, psychological and physical repercussions.

Diagnosis of Epilepsy

Although epilepsy can affect anyone at any age, diagnosis is most common in children and teenagers; it may also affect people in later life. For anyone who has experienced a seizure, and is seeking a diagnosis, taking someone who witnessed the event and can provide a good description of exactly what happened, can be invaluable.

Routine physical tests including blood tests and neurological examinations such as EEG, and Neuroimaging CT and MRI scans can help to diagnose epilepsy and to establish the cause.

Evidence that Neurofeedback Helps Reduce Seizures

There have been a number of scientific studies into the effectiveness of Neurofeedback.  Doctor of Chiropractic, Daniel Lane, providing epilepsy treatment Perth at the Perth Brain Centre reports that a statistical analysis combining the results of Neurofeedback studies carried out between 1970 and 2005 found 74{c8a638b1e7709e6694e28f267820d53a0efdb8b78b20236c90a8c073c646f8af} of patients experienced a reduction in the frequency of seizures they experienced. This is particularly impressive when you understand that all the studies analyzed had participants for whom medication was not effective in controlling their seizures.

Neurofeedback at Perth Brain Centre

At Perth Brain Centre, we use a sophisticated but non-invasive brain-computer interface. Think of it as a sort of ‘gym for the brain’!

Using EEG and visual feedback, neurofeedback helps people to help themselves, reducing the incidence of seizures by inhibiting the brainwave activity associated with seizures and reinforcing the brainwave activity associated with preventing them.

Of course, as with any exercise, it takes consistent practice and repetition to achieve the best results possible.  So, for an assessment, call your centre for epilepsy treatment Perth today on (08) 6500 3277.