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Best Posture When Working from Home

In the present day, working from home has become a norm especially after the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a new lifestyle that has called for everyone to get acclimatized to, health safety. This new orientation has both an emotional and physical toll on those who are not used to working from home. Lack of an office layout substantially affects the pressure imposed on the back, due to wrong postures.


You might frequently find yourself slouching over your laptop or phone for a couple of hours. Prolonged engagement to the screen especially while in the wrong posture, is a hazard to your muscles and joints. Eventually, your body adopts this wrong posture even when not using any gadget. Consequently, such a wrong posture has a cascading effect on the general well-being of the body and can cause serious medical conditions.


Effects Of Poor Posture

Maiming of the spine is one of the most common effects of poor posture. It is worth noting that the wearing out of the spine due to bad posture can lead to a herniated disc in the neck. Chiropractic is a credible remedy to a herniated neck disc since it is a condition that does not require surgery or invasive medication to be corrected. For the best results, chiropractic can be paired with several exercises as a treatment for a herniated neck disc.


Exercises For a Herniated Disc in The Neck

  1. Retraction of the shoulders
  2. Chin tuck
  3. Neck extensions
  4. Neck extensions while lifting the head
  5. Gentle rotation of the neck


Other effects of a bad posture are:

  1. Headaches and soreness in the back, neck, and shoulders
  2. Reduced agility
  3. Decreased stamina
  4. Difficulties in breathing


Luckily, there are multiple changes that can be made as you work from home, to avoid suffering any of the above consequences of a bad posture.


What Should You Do to Attain the Right Posture?

Below are several positioning adjustments that you can implement:

  1. While using your laptop, keep away from sitting or lying down on the bed or sofa.
  2. If possible, use a desk while sitting on a comfortable chair.
  3. Keep your head at least one foot away from the screen.
  4. Use a headset when receiving calls, to avoid causing tension on the neck.
  5. Take regular breaks and walk around before sitting down once more.


How Should the Body Be Positioned While Sitting at A Desk?

  1. The feet should touch the floor.
  2. The legs should not be crossed.
  3. The elbows should be near the body, bending forward at an angle of 90 degrees.
  4. The back should be entirely supported and vertically lying against the backrest of the chair.
  5. The thighs and hips should be held up and positioned parallel to the floor.
  6. The shoulders should be loosened.


Benefits Of a Good Posture While Working from Home

  1. Enhanced blood circulation.
  2. Reduced injuries to ligaments and joints.
  3. Better balance and less possibility of falls.
  4. Reduced fatigue, migraines, and backaches.
  5. Better breathing due to the lungs’ ability to expand properly.


As you get used to working from home, you should consider establishing an office set up in your house that resembles your station at the office. You can also install a yoga app on your phone that will teach you some moves to improve your posture while still seated at your desk. In addition to this, remember to stay hydrated and maintain proper sleeping patterns.