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Say goodbye to the pain of headaches

59823Reading the statistics on headaches is a little worrying; Headache Australia reports that 23{c8a638b1e7709e6694e28f267820d53a0efdb8b78b20236c90a8c073c646f8af} of households contain at least one person regularly suffering from migraines. If you’ve ever had a migraine then you will understand how big a deal that is. On top of this fact, there are said to be 7 million tension headache sufferers within the country, 42{c8a638b1e7709e6694e28f267820d53a0efdb8b78b20236c90a8c073c646f8af} of these are women. Whether this can be put down to stressful lives is questionable, although quite likely, however the fact remains that no matter what kind of headache, regular pain in the head can be difficult to deal with.

What do you do when you get a headache? You probably reach for the pain-killers, and whilst this is a common solution, over time this can be detrimental because you’re staring possible dependency in the face, as well as unpleasant side effects which can sometimes be just as bad as the headache itself. Searching for an alternative solution is the best bet.

Here at Chatfield Chiropractic we firmly believe in the fantastic benefits of chiropractic treatment, and when used in conjunction with lifestyle and posture advice, chiropractic has been proven to be highly effective in helping reduce and eradicate headaches. Of course, it’s important to identify the type of headache, through a thorough history taking session, along with other diagnostic methods, such as x-rays and neurological assessment. Once this is complete, a tailor-made treatment plan can be put in place. One of our highly experienced Craigieburn chiropractors will be able to help you start on the road towards a life much less affected by headaches, simply with one phone call.

What does chiropractic treatment involve?

Once diagnosis has been made, chiropractic treatment can begin, and this generally involves highly specialised spinal manipulations and adjustments, which are particularly effective for tension headache sufferers, as well as any headache which begins in, or affects, the neck. Along with lifestyle advice, possible diet adjustments, and advice on maintaining a proper posture, chiropractic has been proven in studies and trials to be highly effective and a great alternative to pain-killers in the battle against headaches.

Types of headache

A headache is never just a headache, and there are four main types. These include migraine, cluster, stress, and cervicogenic. A migraine is probably the most famous type, and without a doubt the most severe. A migraine can last anything from a few hours to a few days, and during that time the pain can be debilitating, accompanied by very unpleasant side effects.

Tension headaches are becoming increasingly common, and this is caused by contraction of the muscles in the neck and scalp, resulting in pain at the back of the head, around the back of the neck, and in the temples.

Cervicogenic headaches probably sound the most complicated, but generally originate in the neck area. These can be caused by injury or trauma, but can also be down to repetitive strain too. These are characterised by a dull ache which is generally located at the back of the head, down to the neck.

Finally, we have cluster headaches, which as the name suggests, occur in clusters or groups. These come on suddenly and usually pass just as quickly, with pain in one side of the head.

If you are a regular headache sufferer, don’t live your life affected by pain for a second longer. Call the practice now on Roxburgh Park (03) 9303 9952, or Sunbury (03) 9746 3977 to arrange an appointment, and start the road towards recovery.