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The Wand – The Painless Injection System for Needle Phobic Patients

wand dentalFearing the dentist is common amongst a significant number of people, young and old. Whether it’s the noises or the smells, everyone has their own reasons for disliking it so much.  As a kid, it may be the unknown or the fear of different and scary looking tools being stuck in your mouth.  For adults, it may be the pain that you can feel before a cavity is filled or a procedure is done.

Fear No More

Luckily, there is a new system available to adult patients that can rectify the fear of being injected with anesthesia before any type of procedure.  No one actually likes needles being stuck in them – especially in your mouth!  New technology has created a device called the Wand that takes the place of the large needle that dentists use to administer the medication to you.  The Wand is able to numb just a single tooth at a time so the dentist can perform whatever type of procedure necessary to fix your dental problems.  It is able to give the anesthetic between your tooth and your gums so you won’t feel numbness in your cheek, lips or tongue.

The Wand

This device is a computerized system that has taken the place of standard, scary, long, painful needles.  A common misconception from people is that the pain you feel while being injected with the anesthesia is due to the needle being stuck in you, however, the pain you feel is really due to the medication being injected too quickly into your mouth.  The Wand eliminates this pain altogether by administering the anesthesia in a methodical and unwavering way as to not inject too slowly or too quickly.

Pros and Cons

Like every new piece of technology and machinery, there are good things and bad things that can be said about it.  The disadvantages of The Wand are:

Cost – because this technology is so new and advanced, it costs more to administer anesthesia this way than it would by doing a typical needle injection.  The use of a computer bumps the price up, substantially.

Time – Unfortunately, it takes a long time to numb the tooth that needs to be worked on.  The device slowly gives the medication and until the whole tooth is numb and the drugs are evened out properly, the procedure can’t begin.

There are many great reasons why The Wand is the best choice for you:

Pain – This is a PAIN-FREE procedure that gets the job done, right.

Numbness – The Wand has the ability to numb a single tooth so you don’t leave only feeling half of your face.  Your lips and tongue will be active and mobile when the procedure is over.


The Wand is the perfect solution for adults with phobias of long needles and painful dental procedures.  Fear no more, as The Wand eliminates the pain and allows for a pleasant visit to your dentist, each and every time you go.