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Could your lifestyle choices be contributing to shoulder pain?

Life today can be stressful, and it’s that stress and unhealthy choices in general, which can cause problems with our bodies. Of course, we know that stress can be damaging to health, but have you given much thought to how the way you live could cause problems with your body in terms of motion?

Shoulder pain is one of the most commonly treated problems by chiropractors, and this can partly be put down to our unhealthy and stressful lifestyles these days. Do you sit properly when you’re at work? Do you slouch? Do you spend hours over the course of a day hunched over your phone? Do you sleep in a comfortable position, or do you wake up in discomfort? Do you carry heavy bags?

All of these things can cause pain, most commonly in the shoulders, neck, and upper back.

Anyone who has suffered from this kind of pain will be able to tell you first-hand how upsetting and painful it can be, but luckily help is at hand. Here at Spine Scan we are committed to helping every single person who walks through our doors, and Perth chiropractor, Dr Adam Rocchi, is highly experienced in using effective and gentle chiropractic methods to right shoulder pain, helping people live a much freer and less painful life as a result.

The first step in any line of treatment is diagnosis, and a thorough evaluation of the problem will be done, to find out what the actual cause is. In most cases, chiropractic treatment is a suitable road to go down, and in that case gentle adjustments of the spine and shoulders will be carried out, to free up any trapped or compressed nerves. Following this, mobilisation of the joints and muscles will be undertaken, to restore proper movement and freedom to the area. A selection of exercises to continue at home will also be shown to you, to continue your rehabilitation.

Shoulder pain can be down to a number of different types of injury, ranging from painful dislocation, perhaps from a sporting injury or a fall, to over-use, arthritis, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injury, tendonitis, bursitis, or referred pain. Your particular injury will dictate the type of treatment given to you, proving that chiropractic is very individually-centred, and holistic in nature.

If you have noticed pain in the shoulder which has lasted for more than a few days, a weakness in the area, a restricted range of motion, swelling, bruising, or heat, then you should seek help for your problem, safe in the knowledge that you don’t have to suffer for a second longer.

If you are struggling with shoulder pain, or perhaps concerned about a pain which comes and goes, then don’t hesitate to call the practice now on (08) 61508785 Scarborough or (08) 61508783 Mount Pleasant to arrange an appointment. We can help assess your situation, diagnose your problem, and then choose the right path of treatment for you.