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Hip Bursitis Remedies


The diagnosis of this problem will always start with a history and physical examination. Physical examination helps determine the stiffness in the hip and whether you have a limp. Most patients notice the pain when climbing or descending stairs, but It is also essential to determine the other types of movements causing the pain. Some of the remedies to the condition include exercises, cortisone injection or anti-inflammatory medication. Patients can also try weight loss and using the right footwear for exercise activities.


Exercises for Hip Bursitis

Exercise is very successful in treating most of these conditions because they strengthen the tendons and the muscles surrounding the affected area. In most cases, tendons are the primary cause and not bursitis. It always helps to talk with a medical practitioner or with a physiotherapist. A good example is a physiotherapy North Shore. These professionals are experienced and will help you create an exercise program that does not increase the risk of injury. Most of these exercises aim at improving the strength with a focus on the pelvic region, gluteus Maximus and the lower back. Patients may require surgery if physical therapy does not solve the issue. Below are some of the exercises for hip bursitis.


Bridges: This exercise involves lying on your back with your knees bent and your legs flat on the floor. When still in that position, squeeze your butt and abs and lift the lower body part a little off the floor. You should not raise your lower body too high to avoid exerting too much pressure on your neck. Hold the position for 10 – 30 seconds and then lower the back to the floor. Try to repeat the procedure ten times. The benefit of this exercise is that it improves bursitis symptoms by engaging the hip flexors, hamstrings, quads and muscles.


Hip Press: For this exercise, you should have a therapy band around your thighs and lie on your back with bent knees and the feet flat on the floor. Try to exert resistance on the band for thirty seconds and repeat the exercise 10 times.


Standing buttock squeeze: This exercise involves standing in a straight posture with a few inches gap between your feet. Also, note that the feet should be flat facing forward and flat on the floor. Try using your heels to push the ground away without moving your feet and hold for thirty seconds, try repeating the exercise several times.